Kempsville Auto Care Center for Tire Service and Safety

There’s an old saying “you never want to scrimp on good tires.” When it’s the only thing between you and the road, you simply cannot underestimate the value of rolling on quality tires. Sadly most drivers will spend more time washing their car than they will maintaining their tires.

Tire Pressure: Safety experts estimate that only 19% of drivers ever check their tire pressure but 78% regularly check their gas mileage. Low tire pressure can directly contribute to lower gas mileage (and higher out of pocket expenses). If you’re unsure how to check your tires (or where to find the information), and you’re preparing for a trip, you should make an appointment with our service technicians to have your tires inspected.

Balanced Tires: When your tires are out of balance, they put extra wear and tear onto your shocks, bearings and wheel assembly. If you can “feel” the road underneath you, it might be time to look into having your tires balanced before additional damage is done to your vehicle.

The professionals at Kempsville Auto can help you assess when and how often to rotate, balance and replace your tires. This can be done during a regular check up, during your Virginia State Inspection or you may make an appointment at your convenience.

We are also available for regular brake inspections and preventative care of your car or truck. Contact us today or visit either of our locations for your automotive repair needs.