Virginia Beach Fluid Level Checks

A common question asked by first time car owners is “how much time do I need to spend taking care of my car?” The answer really depends on how long you plan on keeping it. If you’d like your car to perform like new, or at least as new as the day you took over ownership, you’ll need to have periodic fluid level check-ups. If you know your way around under the hood, you’re in great shape. However, if you’re like most car owners, you’re better off finding a shop you trust and putting your car on a schedule you and your mechanic can live with.

We recommend:

Engine Oil Level Checkups – Your car should be consuming oil at a reasonable pace not guzzling it. The fastest way to destroy a perfectly good engine is to ignore oil levels – your car cannot function without oil. Engine oil levels should be checked regularly to avoid catastrophic damage.

Transmission Fluid Levels Checkups : If your car has an automatic transmission, you’ll want to have your transmission fluids checked regularly. It’s probable that your owner’s manual contains specific information about the type of fluid that will need to go into your car’s transmission.

Brake Fluid Checkups : Most people think that the first sign that your brakes are wearing out is a squeak or a squeal when you apply pressure to the brake. In actuality, the first sign that your brakes need work is in the brake fluid. By keeping regular checkup appointments and having your brake fluid checked, you’ll have advance warning about potential brake issues long before your brakes start singing the blues.

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