Kempsville Auto Care Center Starting and Charging Repair

You're late for work, or have to be somewhere urgently to make an appointment. You get in the car and hear the last sound you want to deal with - the weak roar of your car's engine as it fails to start. If you experience problems getting your car's engine to start immediately, contact Kempsville Auto Care Center for a thorough inspection and repair service.

Our trained, ASE certified mechanics are on hand to detect problems with your car or truck's engine and charging system. Our work is guaranteed, so you'll drive away with the assurance that your car will start right back up again when you're done driving.

  • Battery charging and replacement
  • Alternator repair and replacement
  • Charging system repair and replacement
  • Starter relay, repair and replacement

We are also available for regular brake inspections and preventative care of your car or truck. Contact us today or visit either of our locations for your automotive repair needs.