Kempsville Auto Care Center Brake Services

In severe weather or during instances of high traffic, you want to drive with the assurance that your car's brakes will work effectively when you need them. You never know when an approaching car will run a stop sign, or when a child will run into the street chasing a ball, so it's important that when you hit the brake pedal, your car stops. Kempsville Auto Care Center specializes in brake maintenance and repair because we care about the safety of you and your passengers.

Our highly trained, ASE certified mechanics are prepared to work on any style of brakes, regardless of the make and model of your vehicle. If you sense problems with the way your car slows and stops, come into our garage and we'll give your car a thorough brake inspection to determine what needs to be done to keep you driving safely.

  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Brake master cylinder repair
  • Replacement of anti-lock brake sensors
  • Repair and replacement of drum brakes, disc brakes and power brake boosters

We are also available for regular brake inspections and preventative care of your car or truck. Contact us today or visit either of our locations for your automotive repair needs.